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At Bit, we provide a range of training services and web design services, application development and management software, as well as graphic services for our customers. Just contact us for advice on processing your ideas, and we will provide you with the best solutions available.

If you are looking for management software to manage your collection seamlessly, if you have a startup idea in mind that needs expert advice and estimates, contact us.


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We at Bit Informatics Group are always by your side in developing and advancing your ideas.
If you need the training to start your projects, if you need site and application design to spread your opinion,
if you are looking for advanced software management for your business, if you are looking for top Google rankings,
if you need an expert And you have professional advice, Bit Group is the best choice.

BIT is a professional team!


To choose the best option for your business, take advantage of our free expert advice before making any decision.

What is CRM - HIS - HRM?

1How you can found benefits of CRM?
CRM‏ (Customer Relationship Management)
2What is CRM?
CRM (Customers Relationship Management)
3What is HRM?
HRM (Human Resources Management)
4What is HIS?
HIS (Hospital Information Systems)

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