Today, building and designing websites and applications for all kinds of jobs and businesses is not as complicated as in the past. Using WordPress and its various templates as well as the variety of page builders has made the job much easier and more elegant than before. Modern WordPress templates can be customized and can be changed and optimized according to the needs of the user and the profession. If you want to use a remarkable and attractive website for your business and you want to create a suitable platform for providing services and introducing your company or institution in cyberspace, we are ready to provide the best according to your taste along with experience and advice. Beat Group specialists offer the best to you.
Designing corporate sites

What is a corporate site?

Corporate sites are designed and launched for a variety of purposes, some of which are as follows: Introducing a company or institution in cyberspace Brand introduction Introducing and selling products Introducing the services that can be provided Providing online services Beit Company, which specializes in designing unique and new company websites and professionally examining the needs and tastes of customers, is ready to provide expert advice to start a business and then support until the desired result is achieved.

Advantages of using a corporate site

With the widespread use of social networks such as Instagram and Telegram, it is sometimes seen that individuals and businesses ignore site design. And when a site design for a company is not in the store, it loses countless opportunities. Because through the website, many tasks and techniques can be implemented that; Leads to the growth of your business.

These advantages include the following:

Increase trust among audiences and customers

Having a specialized corporate website can show you as a credible reference in that field. When you provide people with the right information such as your company postal address, landline and complete details from different angles of your business, they will trust you and they will be more likely to buy from you.

Having ideal information about customers and their needs

A corporate website with analytics tools like Google Analytics can be very effective in determining your business marketing opportunities. Tools like Google Analytics, which are tasked with analyzing different sections of your site based on the latest Google metrics, can provide information such as identifying the most visited pages of your site or how users view your site. Finding and entering your site will help your business grow.

Provide 24-hour customer service

A good company website will allow you to provide your services to your customers 24 hours a day.

The company's website is your credit

A professionally designed website will give your business a special reputation. Generating optimal and up-to-date content, the beauty of a designed website and providing services in a user-friendly environment is a sign of your work prestige in cyberspace. Do not miss this important easily.

Ease of communication with customers on the website

Finding a particular service on social media is much harder than just searching the Internet. You can find a variety of specialized sites in this field with a simple search on the Internet and meet your needs. There are some restrictions on social media that you do not have on your website. For example, the number of characters you can publish under one Instagram post, note how limited it can be! But in a website you can produce comprehensive and detailed content about the service you provide using many available elements and meet the needs of your customers. Infinite photos, videos, articles, tables, audio, views ...

Cost-effective site design

The cost of designing a site compared to other TV ads, billboards, tracts, etc. The cost of designing a company site will be much more economical in the long run and as a powerful tool for regular advertising is very cost-effective.

Speed ​​in providing services

Speed ​​in providing services and answering customers' questions is one of the main advantages of corporate websites. Provide services to countless customers at the same time.

Increase your market introduction and increase sales

Creating a good website will surely sell your products and services at any time and place, increase your chances of gaining new potential customers, and have a huge impact on sales in your business, with a larger target market ahead of you. Lays.

Important points in site design

In line with its consulting services, Bit Informatics Group recommends:

      • Do not use ready-made sites.
      • Use the right color spectrum and images in your design.
      • Follow the principles and rules of standard coding.
      • Use responsive codes
      • Make it easy for users to access their needs.
      • Follow a specific strategy.
      • Provide complete and specific information to gain customer trust.
      • Do not copy your site content from other sites.
      • Act differently from competitors.
      • Consult a professional team before any action.

Professional web page design

We will give you the best ...

Corporate site features

Beit website design company has applied all these possibilities in designing the company website; And in addition to the above, Beat Company will implement other parts in a custom and dedicated way, according to the needs and desires of its customers.

Corporate site features

Contact Us Page

Corporate site features

"Product Introduction" page

Corporate site features

Ability to insert a comment

Corporate site features

Page related to company representation conditions

Corporate site features

"Product Warranty" page